stampante 3d professionale per produzione industriale

Industrial 3D printer

Small Size,
for large scale printing!

Technical Specifications

  • Printing technology: FDM
  • Print size: 250 mm x 250 mm x infinity
  • Material diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Printable materials: PLA – TOUGH – PETG – NYLON – NYLON CF – ASA- TPU
  • Temperatures: Extruder – 260 °C Heated bed – 95 °C
  • X-Y axis tolerances: 11 Microns
  • Z axis tolerances: 2.5 Microns
  • Layer resolution: 0.1 mm – maximum resolution, 0.8 mm – minimum resolution

Layerloop is the world’s first 3D printer capable of mass-producing objects that incorporate RFID or NFC tags through a proprietary and patented print head. Part of the technological focus of this system has been directed towards converting 3D printing into a desktop system for the mass production of small batches in a wide range of polymers and engineering plastics, including carbon fibre composites.

Choose the right material for your 3d print,
customise your final product!

With our professional 3D printer Layerloop
you can choose the most suitable material for your product
among a wide range of materials compatible with Layerloop!

Sustainable materials, resistant and durable over time

Materials available for 3d printing with Layerloop: PLA – TOUGH – PETG – NYLON – NYLON CF – ASA- TPU

stampante 3d personalizzabile

Our Layerloop,
Your Idendity!

Layerloop 3D is the first industrial printer that is 100% customisable to your preferences.
Change the colour of your printer or add accessory specifications!

Print smart products with
NFC/RFID interface!

Layerloop is the first 3D printer capable of making Smart Objects,
thanks to the proprietary print head that automatically includes
RFID / NFC tags inside each 3D printed object where required!

produzione in serie con stampa 3d

Mass production,
H24 / 7 on 7!

Layerloop 3D is designed to produce in a continuous cycle thanks to its inclined printing axis and the mat that acts as a printing table. Thanks to Layerloop we have the limitation of the print format typical of all other 3D printing systems, optimising time!


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