Pantograph CNC & LASER

Pantografi CNC / LASER

Pantografi CNC / LASER

SmartLab Industrie 3D manufactures and distributes CNC pantographs and LASER cutting/engraving/marking systems.

In the industrial and graphic arts sector, a technological revolution is now underway: production technologies are evolving faster and faster, driven by the need for ever-higher performance, maximum product customisation and a reduction in production costs that is only sustainable by equipping your company with digital systems to produce in-house without outsourcing.

SmartLab Industrie 3D is the ideal partner to support your industry in its production processes, from distribution to the construction of machines that can play a central role in achieving performance.

Thanks to our Laser and CNC cutting systems, available in various formats and with important automations such as automatic tool change, vacuum table, marker reader, etc., it is possible to achieve the quality and precision of mechanical processing directly in your company. Smartlab Industrie 3D offers laser cutting services in Bari and Apulia

SmartLab Industrie 3D consultants and technicians will provide valuable advice and guided courses for the use of these machines belonging to Industry 4.0, as well as professional assistance for maintenance throughout Italy.



Format 120x120x18(h)cm
Z axis, made of aluminium with anti-corrosion treatment;
Working area: 1200 x 1200mm;
Z-axis height up to 200 mm;
X/Y axis movement, helical rack and pinion;
Z axis movement, high precision spindle;
25 mm linear guides;
Water-cooled milling motor 2.2kw;
Stepper motors;

WIDCNC R150/200

Format 150/200x300x18(h)cm
Z-axis, aluminium with anti-corrosion treatment;
Working area 3050 x 2050 mm;
Vacuum table with 8 asymmetrical zones;
BECKER vacuum pump 4kw with filter system and safety valve;
Z axis height up to 200mm;
High precision helical rack with X / Y movement;
High precision ball screw Z movement;
25mm linear guides;


Range Heavy Duty

Thanks to “Revolve CNC systems”, also known as 3D pantographs. also known as 3D pantographs, it is possible to achieve the quality and precision of CNC machining on a wide range of materials from metals to stone, plastics and resins.

The production of the entire line is totally Italian, as is the training and assistance. In addition, each system is optimised to produce three-dimensional parts.

Revolve 1000

  • CNC pantograph
  • Working area: 80x120x140(h) cm

Revolve 2000

  • CNC pantograph
  • Working area: 50x200x140(h) cm

Laser Cutting Range

The laser engraving machines distributed by SmartLab Industrie 3D and its sister company Finlogic SpA are perfect for the start of a new business, for its optimization and for improving the performance of an existing production.  The maintenance of Laser Cutting Machines and the cutting and engraving results are minimal thanks to the high quality of the machines.
The advantages of Laser Pantographs are

  • Intrinsic production
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Reliability and Engraving Quality
  • Multifunctional printing tablesLaser cutting production in Apulia and laser cutting service for plexiglass, wood, metal and other materials all over Italy.



  • 700x500mm
  • 150mm z-axis
  • Auto-Focus
  • Removable blades
  • Honeycomb top
  • Object/scrap drawer



Z axis 150mm
Removable blades
Honeycomb top
Object/scrap drawer



Z axis 150mm
Removable blades
Honeycomb top
Object/scrap drawer

Application Sectors for CNC Pantographs


Signs, Plaques, Bas-reliefs, Furniture

pantografo 3D taglio plexiglass

Wood, Cutting engraving

Totems, furniture, musical instruments

pantografo 3d taglio laser legno

Metals, Engraving and Cutting

Direct marking,
Precision mechanical components

pantografo 3d per il taglio laser metallo

Plastics and Resins, Engraving and Cutting

Shaping Coatings, Moulds

pantografo cnc per il taglio della plastica

Ad-hoc packages and benefits for Industry 4.0

Each of our 3D printers is in line with Industry 4.0 benefits. It is also possible to equip yourself with a 3D printer with low investments configurable in monthly fees.

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