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Professional 3d printers in the industrial production process

The introduction of professional 3D printers in the early 1980s and subsequent growth in the global industry in the early 2000s changed the approach to problem solving in the manufacturing process.

Companies, designers and crafters used to make their designs on paper before 3D printing. Designers and engineers therefore had to build them by assembling multiple parts from raw materials. Technological advances in various industries are being driven by the heart of 3D printing, known as additive manufacturing. The lowering of costs and the entry of different agents into the market has therefore led to a change in the manufacturing industry.

Starting with the private sector and small industry, new technologies have turned the market upside down.
From an increasingly affordable price, engineers are able to produce prototypes in a very short time.
The most important change has developed in the industrial sector where customisation and speed of production have created a thriving market for 3D printers.

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION – How has the production process changed?

Many companies, driven by the lower prices of professional 3D printers, have started to manufacture products using additive manufacturing techniques. The greatest impact lies in the potential of this technology to reduce production waste.

Just think of the window frame industry, which, using the traditional method of production, was forced to sell a complete replacement kit. The same companies then had the possibility to produce single pieces on demand, driven by a lower cost and a higher percentage mark-up compared to the traditional method.

Smart Lab 3D Industrie with the inclusion of its 3D printer for industrial production has responded to two market needs: Customisation and Production Flexibility. Industria 45 responds to these needs by replacing the printing plate with a roller made of composite material. This gives rise to an additive serial production system.


industrial 3d printer

Thanks to Industria 45, we overcome the limits of 3D printing by allowing anyone to start mass production of objects of any size and quantity. The advantage? No operator to control the process.


professional 3d printer

Desktop 3D printers

Smaller professional 3D printers, on the other hand, use plastic fibres such as PLA, a popular standard in small production.
The best desktop 3D printers for small productions with high-performance polymers comparable to metal 3D printing are part of the Makerbot family, including the Makerbot Replicator MethodFFF technology, intuitive and easy to use thanks to the wifi-usb connections for sending printing material that make it Compliance Indutria 4.0.

We have chosen to produce/resell only the best 3D printers that combine efficiency, productivity and ease of use, without neglecting certified tolerances and the extreme variety of 3D printing materials.



SmartLab Industrie 3D is a young and innovative company totally made in Puglia and a subsidiary of the Finlogic Spa group.

Our mission is to make 3D printing a reality by showing all its advantages.

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