Industria 45

Industria 45

Industrial 3D Printing

with Industria 45

Technical Specifications for industrial 3d printing:

  • Structure: Aluminum and steel
  • Mechanics: Prismatic guides with double recirculating ball carriage
  • Printhead: Proprietary extruder optimized for printing technopolymers
  • Roller: Heated carbon composite carpet
  • Electronics: Certified electronic board with external pad for machine control
  • Print volume: X 450mm Y 450mm Z infinite
  • Printing resolution: Layer from 0.1mm to 1mm
  • Extrusion temperature: Up to 280°.
  • Carpet Temperature: Max 96°
  • Software: Simplify 3D + proprietary software
  • Printable materials PLA (32 colors) – ABS NYLONPolypropylene
  • Nylon+Carbon FiberNylon+Glass FiberRubber

Industrial 3D printing for mass production

The innovative Industria 45 3D printer provides the ultimate in 3D printing production with no size limitations. The revolutionary system of axes disposition, inclined at 45° with respect to the printing roller, allows to print objects of any size.

Industria45 allows you to optimize production time and material consumption, without the need for a dedicated operator. Maximum customization and flexibility guaranteed thanks to the 3D printing system, meeting the fundamental needs of the manufacturing industry.


3D printing for large format objects

By telling the software how many replicas to make and placing a basket at the end of the printer, starting serial production with Industria45 is simple.

The continuous movement of the roll can create an optimal production and storage cycle, producing finished parts that do not require further processing.

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Makerbot Replicator Method

  • Technology: FFF
  • Overall dimensions: x 437mm – y 413mm – z 649mm
  • Weight: 29.5kg
  • Printing material: PLA, Tough, PVA, PETG
  • Resolutions: min 0.4 – max 0.02
  • Software: Makerbot Print
  • Operating Systems: Windows (7+) – Mac OS X (10,7+)
  • Print volume: x 190mm – y 196mm – z 190mm
  • Connection: WiFi-ethernet-USB

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